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See what our clients are saying!

Laura L.


I began using Moringa oil around 6 months ago and now have a visibly better complexion as a result.  I had rosacea that was noticeable and now it has almost completely disappeared.  My face and neck look much healthier and radiant and the fine lines around my eyes and lips have diminished.  I apply the Moringa oil to my face and neck twice a day and it soaks into my skin right away.  The oil is a completely natural product with no artificial perfumes or dyes.  I introduced Moringa oil to my sister, who loves the product as much as I do and she is also a daily user.  I recommend Moringa oil to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their skin and who values organic skin care products.   

Shari S.  

was using a high quality skincare that I received every month for several years.  I have sensitive skin with rosacea and didn't see a big difference but my skin was ok with it.  When I was provided a sample of  the Moringa  serum oil I was quite skeptical.  Wiithin a few weeks I started to see a visible difference.  My rosacea cleared, my skin felt so hydrated and healthy.  This product is lightweight and absorbs beautifully into my skin.  Moringa Life Source Serum Oil is one product that I can't be without. 

I love it and highly recommend it.  

Barbara K.  

When I met Sherrin I found her to be delightful. She explained what Moringa Life Source was, and how it could help me with my skin issues. I am 49 years old and have very dry skin around my eyebrows, nose and corners of my lips. She explained how to put it into my regular routine. I loved the product, it went on easily and my skin absorbed it completely. Within a short while the skin conditions cleared up and now my skin is soft, supple and I have had many comments on how young I look! Thank you Sherrin for introducing me to Moringa Life Source.

Nora B.  

Since I started using Moringa Life Source serum oil my skin is looking much more hydrated and radiant.  My son even noticed the difference which coming from him is huge! 

It’s now my favourite go to skin oil that I use on a daily basis and it’s getting me real results.  I highly recommend it.  “ 

Romi A.  

I love this natural product because not only is it super lightweight, and absorbs nicely into my skin, it significantly reduces any facial redness while providing moisture. I've tried many products but love this all natural oil.  

Elena R.  

I have melasma and tried all kinds of high end creams over the years.  After using this product my skin tone has evened out and my melasma is not nearly as prominent.  My skin is beautifully hydrated with no oiliness. It feels and looks much healthier.  This is a luxury product, liquid gold without the high price.  

Lucy G.

I have been using this product for a year now and find my skin is healthier, more supple and well hydrated. It's also made my dark sun spots lighter.   In my recent visit for a facial the esthetician commented that my skin looked really good.  I love this natural product and the fact that it is getting me results.  I would definitely recommend it!  


Nadia C.  

I have been using Moringa serum oil for a year now and am very happy with the results. It goes on so smooth and makes the application of my moisturizer so easy. My skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom and I receive many compliments saying that my skin looks so healthy and radiant. Most people can’t believe my age when I tell them. Besides these benefits, I feel happy that my skin is being nourished with all the essential skincare vitamins.  

Valerie S.  

I have combination skin with a very oily t-zone and very dry cheeks and chin. This product hydrated the dry areas without making my t-zone oily. It actually reduced the oiliness.  It helped me get great hydration.  So the overall feel of the skin is more moisturized and elastic. 

Lorraine N. 

As an esthetician I am very familiar with quality skincare products.  After trying this product my skin became well hydrated and healthier.  I had a scarred area for years as well as a skin bump that completely disappeared after a few months of consistent use.  I was completely surprised but so happy that I tried this product, the results have been nothing short of amazing for me.  

Kathy G  

I have very sensitive, combination skin.   I also have some redness in areas of my face.  I tried so many high end skincare products that were highly recommended and actually experienced inflammation and redness from them.   Finding skincare that agrees with my skin has been difficult.  When I tried Moringa Life Source I was open to an oil but hesitant at first.  After a few weeks my skin felt great and the redness is gone and it feels plump and supple and I have a more even skin tone.  I love using a product that is so healing and healthy for my skin and feels really great.  


 I love my Moringa Serum Oil! It gives me the perfect hydration, not too heavy, and not dry, just perfect! It absorbs beautifully and my skin feels and looks amazing. I get compliments all the time!

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