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Why Trust Moringa Life Source

It is of paramount importance to Moringa Life Source Founder, Sherrin Pacione to share with you the purest, most potent Moringa Oil skincare available. As such she extensively researched Moringa Oleifera's benefits and uses, which brought to light the importance of choosing a farm where strict processing and production standards are followed. 

After a comprehensive search, she decided to source her Moringa oil from an organic farm in Nicaragua, where the Moringa is grown naturally without chemicals. The farm is located on volcanic soil which is known to be more fertile and nutrient dense. The stems and trunks of the Moringa trees, which are not used in the production of the Moringa Oil, are being composted, adding to the farm’s environmentally friendly methods.


The Moringa seeds are first cold pressed on site to produce the all natural, rich, luxurious golden Moringa Oil that is 100% pure with no additives, ensuring premium quality and maximum benefits for the user. It boasts the USDA and EU organic labels.

Sherrin visited and verified the farm in November, 2017.  

USDA Organic
EU Organic
Moringa trees with seed pods

Moringa trees with pods ready to be harvested for seeds. The oil is extracted from the seeds.

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